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Singlish - A Variety of English

Listen to an interview with Tony from Singapore. He runs a small shop in Edinburgh, where he sells purses, bags and umbrellas. For twenty minutes he closed his shop in order to give us a glimpse of Singlish and other cultural aspects.

Listen to the interview (11 mins.) and answer the questions afterwards.



Tasks and Activities


Try the interactive tasks (multiple choice and true or false).

Find Out

  1. How English has become a first language in Singapore.
  2. Make a timeline.
  3. The present status of English in Singapore.


Singlish/Hong Kong English
This is a useful website Hong Kong facts

  1. How English has become a first language in Hong Kong.
  2. Make a timeline.
  3. Which differences do you see when you compare with Singapore?

Oral Pair Work

Student A: Pretend that you are going to make an interview with a student from Hong Kong. Use the interview with Tony as a basis and ask him/her questions.
Student B: Pretend that you are from Hong Kong. Look up information about Hong Kong and prepare for answers, e.g. by using this website Hong Kong facts
Perform the interview.


Language and Communication

Hva er kjernestoff og tilleggsstoff?



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