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  • Multiculturalism

    The following texts will help to elaborate on and discuss various aspects of multicultural societies in the English-speaking world.

  • Global Challenges takes a look at current issues that concern the world today.

  • These articles highlight the importance of English in further education and working life, on both a national and international level.

  • These articles cover what it is essential to know for part one of the exam: language features and literary devices.

  • There are two grades in International English; one oral and one written. You can be selected for a written and/or oral exam.

About International English

Lines swirling around glowing globe

About International English

International English takes you on a journey of exploration. You will study how English became a global language by delving into the history of English-speaking countries and asking if anyone owns English in the first place. The topics in International English will allow you to take part in the conversation of what is important in the world today.

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