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"Walls of Shame: Belfast" (video)

Walls and fences are used in many places, e.g. on farms, around gardens and along borders. Can you think of other places where you might find a wall? What is the purpose of a wall?



  1. What is Ulster?
  2. Summarise what you know about the Troubles.
  3. What is another term for the Unionists? What is their religion and their main goal?
  4. What is another term for the Nationalists? What is their religion and their main goal?
  5. When was the peace agreement for Northern Ireland signed?
  6. "Not so much peace as absence of conflict." Explain what the situation was like in Belfast at the time the video was made.
  7. There are approximately 41 barriers across Belfast. Is the number increasing or decreasing?
  8. What is the Short Strand?
  9. Explain the expression, "us and them mentality".
  10. How do the Protestant communities view the developments and the support of their politicians since the peace process?
  11. What are the attitudes of Protestant and Republican politicians to the situation, to each other, and what are their goals for the future?
  12. One of the people interviewed says, "Walls aren't just built of bricks and mortar they can be built of legislation, laws, and you know, prejudice." Explain.
  13. When were the first dividing walls built in Ireland? Search the Internet and find out what the Pale was.

Find Out

  1. This video was made in 2007. There have been many changes in the situation in Northern Ireland since then. Can you summarize some of the most important developments?
  2. What other walls do you know of that were built to separate warring groups? Here you will find some links to information about other walls: Modern Dividing Walls.


Choose one of the walls in the task above and find out more about it and the reasons why it exists. Make a multimedia presentation.

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