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What associations come to mind when you hear the word "Hollywood"?

Hollywoodbokstavene på Hollywoodåsen. Foto.



Hollywood/Bollywood Film Quiz

Grace Kelly. Foto.
Grace Kelly

"Hollywood” is the popular term for American cinema, which dates back to the early 1900s. The district of Hollywood, Los Angeles was found to be an attractive environment for moviemaking, with its warm, sunny and stable climate. Of course, the early films were silent, as sound technology was only developed by the late 1920s.

The movie industry grew enormously after this breakthrough. The following “Golden Age” of Hollywood, at its height in the 1930s and 40s, shaped the industry, laying the foundation for the Hollywood of today – the glamour, the excitement, and the ever-growing cult of celebrity. This was also the era of the big Hollywood studios – MGM, Paramount, and Walt Disney, to name a few. Try to find the names of the film studios in the task to your right.

Box Office Hits

Hollywood’s “Golden Age” declined in the 1950s, in part because of the dawn of television. However, the last thirty years or so have seen the rise of blockbuster films, with big stars and even bigger budgets. These are films that appeal to wide audiences, and they often make huge profits for the studios. Some early blockbusters were the Star Wars films, E.T., and Jaws. Among more recent blockbusters we have the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Titanic and the Pirates of the Caribbean films.


A tagline is a slogan used to market a film. It should be short, memorable, and hint at what the film is all about. Can you match the following blockbuster films with their taglines in the tasks in the link collection? (If you do not know, make an educated guess.)

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