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Gang Crime in St. Paul

Are gangs a problem in US society? According to statistics as many as 12% of all aggravated assaults that occurred between 1993 and 2003, were committed by gang members.

Listen to these Americans from St. Paul talk about gangs. What are their views?

USA - Gangs in St. Paul


  1. Are there lots of gangs or not in St. Paul and are they a big problem?
  2. Mention at least three gangs that are active in St. Paul?
  3. What happens to people who join gangs according to the former gang members?
  4. What is "The God Squad"?
  5. Why do the police carry part of the responsibility for the creation of some of the worst gangs currently active?
  6. How do you stop people from joining gangs or help them quit gangs?
  7. What does it mean that there is only "a death exit" in this context?


Visit this website and collect facts and figures regarding gang-related violence: gang-related violence

Focus on changes, patterns and trends. Present your findings in a digital document or as a live presentation. Remember to state your sources: US Bureau of Justice Statistics.


Cultural Aspects

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Oppgaver og aktiviteter