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Fun With Adjectives

What is an adjective? How do we use adjectives? By using adjectives, we make speech and texts more interesting and informative. Let's give it a try.

Try these tasks and games and see if you can find out what defines an adjective and how it is applied.

Adjective Game
By doing this easy game, you become aware that adjectives are words that describe something or someone by stating information about looks, qualities, quantity, condition, emotions, time, taste and sound, and that most of them can be contrasted, i.e. they have opposites.

Positive, Comparative and Superlative of Adjectives
Here you may listen to a short lecture about adjectives. They are often used to compare things or persons. It might be a bit tricky, since -er and -est are used in some cases, whereas more or most are used in other cases. In Norwegian we have some irregular adjectives, e.g. "god"-"bedre" - "best". English is no exception, it also has irregular adjectives. After you have listened to the lecture, try this game: Comparative and Superlative of Adjectives Game

Adjective endings
A lot of adjectives are made by adding -ed or -ing to the stem of the verb, e.g. inspire - inspiring. Try the game and see if you know when to add -ed and when to use -ing. If you need some help you will also find a link to information about when to use -ed or -ing.

Adjectives are often used to describe moods and emotions. By reading this story, you may extend your "emotional" vocabulary. Now try the game to check your "emotional" vocabulary. Emotional Vocabulary

Look at the emoticons displayed here. How would you describe the emotions involved with words?

Mennesker med emoticons til ansikt. Foto.

Write a Story

Make a "frame story" by leaving out descriptive words (adjectives). An example:

The........man had a ........smile on his.......face when he entered his ......... and ........car. It was a.........day with.......clouds and a.......temperature. Who would believe that such a..........thing could happen to .........Sarah.

Without showing the story, ask your class mates to suggest adjectives and insert them randomly in the open spaces. Read it out aloud. You will have a good laugh!

Summing up

What have you learned about adjectives by doing the tasks? How do they enrich speech and texts?

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