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Planning your text

Let's look at different ways to plan your answer to the chosen question.

Person choosing which road to take. Illustration.

Choosing which road to take.

Before you start writing, it can be a good idea to plan your text. This can be done either by writing down some key words in a mind-map (tankekart) or making an outline (disposisjon). A mind-map is a way to visually organize your thoughts by adding ideas and key words. An outline is a written list of bullet points of the most important parts of your text.

Below you see examples of a mind-map and an outline for example task 1:

“Breaches and violations of norms and rules can make newspaper headlines. Create a short text showing what kinds of breaches of norms and rules you may find in the profession or trade you are aiming for. Do you think any of these breaches could become newspaper headlines?”

Example of an outline for "example task 1":

1. Introduction: what are norms and regulations + explain norms/national regulations for electricians

2. Case 1: Breach of rules regarding cable diameter in installation – consequences

3. Case 2: Breach of rules during fire alarm-system installation – consequences

4. Conclusion: Can it make it to the news? + some final thoughts on the topic


Make an outline for how you would solve the following task:

"In which English-speaking country would you most like to take part of your education and training? Write a short text in which you explain why you would want to live and attend school and/or training in this country."

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