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The short answer task

What exactly is the short answer task on the written exam?

Three persons holding question marks. Illustrasjon.

Three persons with question marks.

What is the short answer task in the written exam?


The written English exam (Engelsk fellesfag) has a main topic that the tasks are connected to. You will get the topic of the exam and relevant preparation material 24 hours before the exam and several of the exam tasks are directly linked to the content in this material.

The written exam is divided into a short answer task and a long answer task. In the short answer task, you can choose between two tasks – either 1a or 1b.

The short answer tasks are always limited and are often based on a provided source related to the topic of the exam. Your answer will be assessed on both content (that you include what the task requires and that you demonstrate knowledge on the topic), structure and language.

The exam does not state a minimum or maximum length for the short answer, but if you are aiming for a higher grade, you should write somewhere between 250 and 500 words.

The topic for the short answer is usually related to three main topics:

  1. Knowledge of the English language, especially formal or informal language
  2. Concerning culture or current issues in English-speaking countries
  3. Vocational English and the profession you are aiming for
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