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Example texts

Here are some example texts of two different short answer tasks.

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In order to gain a better understanding of what a good short answer text looks like, we have included some examples written by students. Read or listen to the example texts below and think about what you can learn from how these students chose to solve the tasks. At the end of each text, you can read how an English teacher explains why these tasks are considered good short answer tasks.

Task 1

“Breaches and violations of norms and rules can make newspaper headlines. Create a short text showing what kinds of breaches of norms and rules you may find in the profession or trade you are aiming for. Do you think any of these breaches could become newspaper headlines?”

The importance of norms and regulations


Why is this a good short answer text? Below, you find an explanation by an English teacher:




The student manages to include all aspects of the task. He describes what breaches of norms and regulations mean in the profession he is aiming for in a concise and understandable way, uses frequent examples and includes a reflection on whether breaches can make newspaper headlines. Although many facts and examples are included, the content can still be considered short and concise as the student has chosen to focus on two main aspects of breaches of norms and regulations.


The text has a good structure with thematically divided paragraphs, a clear introduction and conclusion, and good coherence between the different paragraphs. The student uses varied and proper linking words (such as however, in conclusion, on the other hand) to increase the coherence.


The student demonstrates a varied vocabulary and sentence structure throughout the text. The student also uses a relevant vocational vocabulary (yrkesfaglig ordforråd).

A good short answer text needs to show knowledge of the topic, good structure and write with fluency - but each short answer task can be answered in different ways. Below, you find examples of how two students have answered the same task.

Task 2

“The two news articles below are about the same type of crime: joyriding*. Create a short text in which you briefly comment on the differences in language, content and the journalists’ attitudes.”

How journalists shape our news picture


How journalist bias may affect the reader


Task 3

You have now read three different examples of a short answer text, where the two last texts were different answers to the same task. Re-read task 2 and the student texts. Discuss with a learning partner which text you think answered the task in the best way. Make your arguments clear by filling out the form below:

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