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Why I Love Reading (audio)

Picking up a new book is always interesting. The title may have caught your attention as an enigmatic invitation; you may have read the review in some newspaper supplement on books; or it was recommended by a friend.

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Then you sit back and dive into a universe where you gradually get to know the characters and their relations to each other, and follow the plot as it develops. And when you for some reason have to put the book down and then pick it up again, the plot and the characters will be there waiting for you like true and devoted friends. Reading may give you an opportunity to get away from your everyday stress, or it may appeal to your intellect when you work out the complexity of the plot, in fact – reading a good book can broaden your horizon as it may teach you something about other people and life in general.

Listen to what Emily Barker (18) says about reading, and answer the questions below.

Why I Love Reading (audio)


1 List the three or four reasons she gives at the beginning of why she enjoys reading.
2 What does she say about the book not being just an object?
3 Why does she consider herself an unusual reader?
4 What are her reasons for re-reading books?
5 According to Emily a book “can suspend your disbelief” – what does she mean by that?

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