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Wuthering Heights

Almost two hundred years since it was written, Wuthering heights is still referred to as one of the world's greatest love stories. Oscar-rewarded film director Andrea Arnold blows new life into Emily Brontë's classic.


Film details

Year: 2011

Origin: United Kingdom

Genre: Drama

Director: Andrea Arnold

Script: Andrea Arnold

Photo: Robbie Ryan

Actors: Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Solomon Glave, Shannon Beer, Steve Evets, Oliver Milburn, Paul Hilton, Simone Jackson, Lee Shaw, Amy Wren, Nichola Burley

About the film

Catherine Earnshaw and her family live on a little farm in the wild and beautiful Yorkshire Dales in the northern part of England. One day Catherine’s father comes home from a trip to Liverpool with Heathcliff, a young and homeless boy he had found on the streets. The other family members meet the orphan boy with resentment and racism. They treat Heathcliff in the same way they would treat their farm animals. Despite Heathcliff’s low status, he and Catherine develop a close and intense relationship.

Impossible love

As childhood friends, the relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine is happy and uncompromising. But as they grow older, the wealthy Edgar Linton asks Catherine to marry him. Catherine accepts, despite her feelings for Heathcliff. Heathcliff, on the other hand, is offended and hurt by Catherine’s choice and decides to leave the farm. Many years later Heathcliff returns to the Earnshaw family. As a grown man Heathcliff wears nice clothes and appears to be wealthy.

A lot has happened in Yorkshire since he left the place. Catherine has married Edgar, and she is now the landlady of the Linton estate. Heathcliff has decided to come back to see Catherine one last time. Furthermore, he wants revenge on Catherine’s brother Hindley, since Heathcliff cannot forget how badly he was treated by Hindley during their childhood years.

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Skrevet av Mairi Macdonald og Tina Andersson Jensen
Rettighetshaver: Norgesfilm AS


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