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Role-play: The Right to Bear Arms

Show your knowledge about this topic by staging a debate between representatives from the NRA, the Brady Campaign, the police and a historian.

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Role Play

Divide the class into 4 groups. Each group is given a role card. Take time to prepare before you meet your “opponents” in a debate for and against gun control.
You should also choose one person who can act as the host of the show. His/her task is to make sure that each group is given the same chance to express its opinions, and that all group members participate.

Group 1: NRA

You are a member of the NRA and you strongly oppose any form of gun control. Your task is to find out:

  • More about the NRA, what they stand for and how they argue
  • Why many Americans believe owning a gun is a human right
  • Why many Americans fear a strong government, and what this has to do with gun ownership
  • What the NRA believe are the best strategies for reducing gun related homicides

Group 2: The Police

You represent the police. You see the consequences of guns in society every day. Your task is to find out:

  • Statistics and numbers that show the number of killed and injured every year
  • What kind of guns that are used
  • Information about different state legislations, and different crime rates in different states
  • Where the challenges are from the police’s point of view
  • What the police can do to reduce the problem

Group 3: The Brady Campaign

You support the Brady Campaign and work for stricter gun legislation in the USA. Your task is to find out:

  • What the Brady Campaign and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence stand for and how they work
  • Facts about the consequences of guns in American society
  • Why the Second Amendment is no longer relevant in today’s American society
  • What the best strategies are for reducing gun related homicides

Group 4: Historian

You are an historian with a special interest in early American history. Your task is to find out:

  • The background and consequences of the Second Amendment
  • Why the Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights
  • How the Second Amendment can be interpreted
  • Why guns are so important for Americans, from a historical point of view


Brady Campaign
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
The National Rifle Association
Second Amendment Foundation
US Constitution Online

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