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Conflicts – Project

The word “conflict” is derived from the Latin word “conflictio”, which means clash. It might involve a clash of interests or basic values.

On a personal level, conflict means that your needs and interests are obstructed by your social relations. This often happens if you and your relations have clashing views on subjects that really matter to you and/or your relations. It would be puzzling if you have never been involved in conflicts with family or friends. From the experience you would know that conflicts are difficult to handle because your innermost emotions are challenged.

What then if countries or regions are in conflict? Do these conflicts differ from the ones you have experienced? Well, basically not. These conflicts also involve clash of interests and values and revolve around status, resources and emotions. The consequences, however, are another matter. In contrast to your personal conflicts, international and regional conflicts might affect thousands, even millions of people.

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Child Soldiers
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British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on cover of Argentine newspaper during the Falklands War


During the next few weeks you will be working on an in-depth project about a regional or international conflict. You choose the topic, but it must be approved by your teacher. Choose a conflict that interests and challenges you. You may work alone or in pairs/groups (max. 3). Your task is to present a regional or international conflict involving at least one English-speaking country.


Present the conflict:

  • the history of the conflict (who, what, where, when)
  • the causes of the conflict (why)
  • the current and future consequences of the conflict
  • possible solutions to the conflict

Remember to cite your sources.

Presentation Format

Length: 5 min. per student

CC BY-SASkrevet av Eli M. Huseby, Wilma Eielsen og Anne Mette Raanås.
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Current debates in the English-speaking world