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  • Literature from 1550 - 1780

    The Renaissance saw the rebirth of the classical ideals of ancient Greece and Rome. The Enlightenment focussed on new developments in science and philosophy.

  • Literature from 1780 to 1840

    The period from the late 18th century until around 1850 is called the Romantic Period or Era.

  • Literature after 1900

    In this section you will find a wide selection of texts from and about literature in the English-speaking world after 1900.

  • Art and Films

    Art and films are central components of the subject “English Literature and Culture”.

  • Cultural Aspects

    Cultural traditions and expressions have been an essential part of our lives since time immemorial.

  • Literary analysis

    The following articles and video animations will help you analyse and interpret a wide range of literary texts.

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