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Tasks: UK Parliament

These tasks are built on our resources about the UK Parliament.

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The Houses of Parliament in London. Photo.

Take a Tour of Parliament!

Now that you know more about how the UK Parliament works, you can further explore the inner workings of Parliament by taking a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament.

A virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament from parliament.uk.

Were you surprised by anything in these images? Or were they just what you had expected? Try to explain your opinion by using specific examples from the different images.

What do you think?

Find a Lord!

Members of the House of Lords include lawyers, judges, diplomats, doctors, soldiers, scientists, teachers, athletes and lots of other professional people. Many members have worked in politics and used to be MPs.

On Parliament's website you can find a current member of the House of Lords.

  1. Filter your search by: "Lords by policy interest"
  2. Select a topic that interests you and choose one of the names listed
  3. Find three interesting things about this member and share this information with a classmate

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