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Crash and Multiculturalism

In Crash (2004), people coming from different horizons meet and interact. Sometimes, these meetings lead to conflict. However, many of these collisions are based upon misunderstandings.

Crash Film Poster

This movie gives us the opportunity to glimpse what goes on in the characters' lives. However, the relationships that the different characters form seem all the more tragic because much of the hurt and the sorrow could have been avoided if they had only gotten to know each other a bit more.

Pre-reading activity: Watch the trailer from Crash.

Questions for Discussion

  1. To which extent do you think that your cultural origins contribute to form your identity – who you are?
  2. In which cases do you meet, talk with and share activities with people from other cultures?
  3. Have you been on vacation abroad, lately? Did you try to get to know local culture or feel that you needed to adjust your behaviour in order to avoid conflicts with the locals?
  4. Which values and traditions do you consider to be central in Norwegian culture? Do you think that any of them need to evolve?
  5. Do you think Norwegians could learn anything of value from other cultures?
  6. Do you expect people from other countries – be it tourists or immigrants – to adopt Norwegian customs when in Norway? If yes: which ones?
Sist oppdatert 13.05.2018
Tekst: Lars Aunaas (CC BY-SA)



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