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Liverpool - a Melting Pot

Listen to this interview with a genuine Scouser. If you listen carefully, you'll become familiar with Scousers in general, and with Christina, a supervisor at a hotel in Liverpool, in particular. See how much you understand.

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Female waiter. Foto.

Liverpool Interview

Liverpool Interview 14 min.

Tasks and Activities


  1. Liverpool - a Melting Pot (Interactive)
  2. What, according to Christina, has formed the characteristic Scouse accent?
  3. Why is the metaphor of Scouse, or Irish stew, suitable to describe how the accent has developed?
  4. How does she describe the relationship between Liverpool and Manchester?
  5. What makes Liverpool different from other cities in the UK, according to Christina?
  6. Christina emphasises that she thinks there are many parallells and links to Norway and Norwegians. In which areas does she draw these parallells?

Find Out

A Liverpudlian is commonly called a Scouser and the accent is called Scouse. It is compared to Irish stew. Check out the etymological meaning of the Norwegian word "lapskaus", Lapskaus on Wikipedia. Do you see any parallells? What does the dish and the Scouse accent have in common?

Make a Timeline

Christina characterises Liverpool as a multicultural city that has changed a lot over the years, but still has kept its identity. Have you ever played the board game "Cluedo"? Let's see if you can use the clues below to make a chronological timeline with a very brief outline of the main events or groups of people that constitute Liverpool's cultural identity. This link might be useful, Liverpool World Heritage (scroll to get access to Liverpool's numerous museums). Also, check out our articles about Liverpool from Engelsk VG1.

Clue 1

Handwritten letter from the eighteen-ninties. Photo.
Liverpool letter 1

Liverpool as a transit city for emigrants. When was the city a departure point for European immigrants on their way to the Promised Land? A Norwegian emigrant on his way to America in the early 1890s describes Liverpool in a letter to his parents.

"Kjere forældere

Jeg skal i dag sende derre et par ord og forttele at jeg gott og vel er ankommen hid til Liverpol vi reiste i gaar formiddag ifra Hull med jernbane hid og vi bliver her til torsdag føren vi gaar videre nu er vi paa et Emigranthotel og har det noksaa bra vi har tid at se os om i denne her store by hvor der vrimeler av menesker men jeg ønsker at jeg skulde vere paa mit bestemelsted men der gaar vist over fjorten dage føren jeg er der vi hade meget fint vejer over Norsøen jeg var ikke søsyg men det var mange som var meget syge av emigranterne jeg skal ikke glemme at takke dig saa meget for di penger som du lånte mig og alle mine bestrebelser skal gaa du paa at skaffe dig pengerne tilbage kjere Fader saasnart som det er mig mulig de skal faa høre fra mig naar jeg kommer til Minapolis

Hjerteli hilset ifra Deres Søn Carl Torp"

Clue 2

A Liverpool slave ship
A Liverpool slave ship

What was Liverpool's role in the transportation of people from West Africa to the USA and the Caribbean? When was the city involved in this traffic?

Clue 3

The Beatles
The Beatles

How has this group contributed to attract tourists from all over the world, do you think? When did they start their career?

Clue 4

Steam engine parts
Steam engine parts

Liverpool as an industrial hub. When was this machine invented and how did this mark the beginning of a new era for the city?

Clue 5

Football. Photo.

Find out when the famous sports club was founded. It has definitely had its day in the shaping of Liverpool's cultural identity.

Clue 6

Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher

This lady by the nickname, the Iron Lady, led a strict government policy that led to lots of strikes and riots (some claimed that they were race related, others that they occurred due to unemployment) in Liverpool and all over the UK. When did this period of decay and social unrest occur?

Clue 7

Potatoes. Photo.

Many immigrants from the west rushed to Liverpool due to failing crops of this vegetable. Who were they and when did they settle in Liverpool?

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Tekst: Eli M. Huseby og Morten Serkland (CC BY-SA)



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