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Oppgaver og aktiviteter


Do you feel the urge to write but lack the idea and inspiration? Don’t worry – all writers have been there. Perhaps the images and poems on this page may provide you with some inspiration for a writing process.


Lovers on the beach leave their footprints in the sand
And they don't sense the change in the wind
There is a lesson to be learned
When the tide has turned
And the waves start rolling in

Footprint in the sand
Footprint in the sand


Out there is the line between heaven and earth
The horizon is as far as I can see
Something is calling me to go and find
What lies beyond there for me
I will venture the voyage across the sea
In spite of the waves and the wind
I will pursue my dream indefatigably
Till the day my ship comes in


Your Keeper

When life is giving you a tumble
And the bargaining is hard
You would like to think that somewhere
There is somebody on guard
But if you're going down
And you feel it's getting deeper
That someone may be thinking
I'm not my brother's keeper

Lifeguard off Duty
Lifeguard off Duty


Take heed of traffic signals
Be always prepared to give way
In traffic and in life
There are rules we must obey
And if a rule is broken
somewhere underway
In traffic and in life -
There is a price to pay

Traffic sign
Traffic Sign


Shiny Objects
Shiny Objects

How can happiness be measured?
How can we define its bliss?
Some say money, some say gold
Some say in a kiss
But when you count your assets
And ask what more it's about
Don't forget all those things
You should be glad to be without


Literary analysis

Hva er kjernestoff og tilleggsstoff?



Oppgaver og aktiviteter