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Working with International Conflicts

Below you will find a set of tasks that highlight international and global conflicts. Use the suggested web sites, and others you may know of, to help you answer the questions (below) in writing. Choose one conflict as your area of focus.

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IS tar over flybase i Syria. Foto.

As you work with various internet sources you need to assess their credibility. Here are some useful questions that may help you do this:

  • What is the agenda of the web site?
  • Who owns the web site?
  • Is the information updated?
  • Are the sources used in articles listed or not?
  • Does the site offer a broad variety of views on an issue?

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  1. Human Rights Watch
  2. Amnesty International
  3. Wikipedia: List of Military Conflicts
  4. UN Peacekeeping Operations
  5. Foreign Policy about Dangerous Borders

Sources which are mostly Norwegian-speaking:

  1. NUPI
  2. FN-sambandet Norway


  1. Child plays outside a war-ravaged building in Somalia
    Child plays outside a war-ravaged building in Somalia
    Who are involved in the conflict?
  2. In which area of the world does this conflict occur and how long has it been going on?
  3. Are the involved parties countries or independent organisations/groups?
  4. Explain what the conflict is about (natural resources, borders, religion, minorities, ideology, politics)
  5. Are any of the involved parts democratic?
  6. Do major powers, such as China, the USA, Russia, have interests in the area?
  7. Is the conflict hot (armed conflict) or cold?
  8. Has the UN or other international organisations been involved in mediating the conflict?
  9. What are some of the concessions that would reduce the conflict? (border regulations, cultural rights, democratic rights, rights to protest)
  10. What is your view on the conflict?


Choose one conflict and make a presentation.

Further Work

Study why crossing national borders in some parts of the world may be very dangerous.

Dangerous Border Crossings
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