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Oppgaver og aktiviteter

Tasks for Micro-voluntarism

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Tasks and Activities


  1. Sum up the content of the article in a couple of lines.
  2. What does it mean that organizations which depend on donations will have to include their audience?
  3. How can the public contribute in other ways than by donating money?


Explain these expressions in English and use each of them in at least one sentence.

  1. Peer-to-peer
  2. Ad hoc
  3. Fundraising
  4. Application
  5. To implement
  1. Peer-to-peer usually means actions or information shared between equals.
  2. Ad hoc is Latin and means a decision made at the moment, which sets the guideline for future action. (Unplanned as opposed to long-term strategy)
  3. Fundraising means to collect or provide money (funds) usually to support a charity or political campaign.
  4. Application means (in this connection) a small programme that can be downloaded on the computer or a mobile phone. (Often referred to as “an app”)
  5. To implement means to enforce or carry out. (An implement is a tool or device)

Tricky Words

Put these words (in the right form) into the following sentences.

Volunteer (v), volunteer (n), voluntary (adj), voluntarily (adv)

  1. We need some …… to do the job.
  2. They ……… to work for Amnesty.
  3. Raise your hand if you want to ………
  4. ………. action is needed in many organizations.
  5. They did not do it ………., so they were forced to do it.
  6. She joined the team on a …………. basis.
  7. A ………. is someone who does something ……………
  8. They ……………. joined the team to help other people.
  1. volunteers
  2. volunteered
  3. volunteer
  4. Voluntary
  5. voluntarily
  6. voluntary
  7. volunteer, voluntarily
  8. voluntarily

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Oppgaver og aktiviteter




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