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Crash - Working with the Trailer

The movie Crash, produced in 2004, is a powerful and realistic drama where total strangers meet and their lives change forever.

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Crash Film Poster

Before you watch the trailer:

  • What do you associate with the word/title: Crash? List your associations/connotations.
  • In small groups, discuss the meaning of these words and give examples of each: hate crime, stereotyping, prejudice

Oscar-Winning Film

Crash was awarded an Oscar for best film and best original script. During a 36-hour time frame, you follow the lives of a Mexican locksmith, an African-American producer and his wife, two car-jackers, a Persian store-owner, a Korean couple, a District Attorney and his wife, and two police officers. In this powerful and realistic drama, these total strangers meet and their lives change forever. The film depicts a collision between rich and poor, black and white, thieves and law makers, immigrants and culture. As the story unfolds, we learn the true meaning of prejudice, racism and stereotyping. Eventually we might end up taking a closer look at our own lives and values. The story is about fear and hope, justice and injustice, guilt and shame.

Crash Trailer

Tasks and Activities


Crash Vocabulary - Drag and Drop


  1. What is meant by the opening phrase:

    It’s the sense of touch - in any real city - you walk, you brush past people, people bump into you. In LA nobody touches you; we’re always behind this metal and glass. We are missing that touch so much that we crash into each other just so we can feel something.

  2. Why does the little girl ask how far bullets can fly?
  3. What thoughts do you have when seeing the police officer searching the woman?
  4. What glimpses of crime/violence do you see?
  5. What is the overall tone/mood of many of the characters?
  6. Do you see any change in the mood of some of the characters at the end of the trailer?
  7. What ethnic groups do you see?
  8. Why is a gun pointed at the woman’s face?
  9. Who is trying to help an African-American man?
  10. What does the man at the end term as "funny"? Discuss possible reasons for his answer.


  1. Stereotyping is a main theme in this film. Can you think of examples of people stereotyping one another? (To help get you started - all Americans are..., all Swedes are... all Blacks are...)
  2. What is the difference between stereotypes and prejudices?
  3. Can people who are prejudiced change? What needs to happen for this change to occur?
  4. After watching the trailer, discuss the title of the film. What connotations would you now add to your understanding of the concept "crash"?

Crash - Working with the Film

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