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Outline of an Oral Presentation

Title: Destination California – A Fourteen Day Journey

  1. Start with quotation: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page” (St. Augustine)

  2. Show souvenir from San Francisco (Alcatraz)

  3. My Motivation

    • Experience culture first hand again

    • See sights

  4. My itinerary

    • San Francisco (#1 photo of San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate)

    • Southern California (#2 photo of Hollywood)

  5. Facts

    • California Population – 36,7 million

    • San Francisco Bay Population – 776,733

    • L.A. County – 3,6 million

  6. Trivia facts:

    • 26,7 million registered vehicles in California

    • Temperature in San Francisco June-August: 21-22

    • Temperature in Los Angeles June- August 25-29 C

  7. Expenses

    • Cheap tickets Oslo Gardermoen to San Francisco – US Airways NKR 8,011 round-trip

    • From San Francisco to L.A. ca $200 round-trip (Travelocity)

    • Sights

      • Alcatraz –free entrance- ferry ticket should be bought in advance $26

      • San Francisco Water Front on Segway $70

      • Universal Studios 1 day pass $67

    • Accommodation and food

      • Bed & Breakfast or Hostels ca $69 per night (Lonely Planet)

      • Fast Food chains are cheap – ranging from $11 and up

      • Food is expensive around tourist places

  8. Sights that I visited/photos

    • San Francisco Waterfront Segway Tour on (#3 photo of a Segway PT – two wheeled, self balancing electric bike)

    • Golden Gate Bridge by bike (#4 photo of Golden Gate from bike)

    • Charming Cable Cars (#5 photo of cable car)

    • Alcatraz - Nation's first military prison, then a forbidding maximum-security penitentiary, then disputed territory between Native American activists and the FBI (#6 photo of Alacatraz)

    • Hollywood /Santa Monica/Beverly Hills (#photos 7-9 of Hollywood sign, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills)

    • Dreadful L.A. traffic (#10 photo of L.A. freeway)

    • Universal Studios (#11 photo of Universal Studios)

    • Santa Barbara Mission (#12 photo of Santa Barbara Mission)

    • Venice Beach (#13 photo of Venice Beach)

    • Huntington Beach Sunset (#14 photo of Sunset to die for)

  9. Travel tips

    • In San Francisco the weather can be foggy and coldish even in summer – take a sweater to throw over your shoulders

    • No car rentals in California for under 21

    • Discounts for students - Have your student ID with you at all times

  10. What I learned

    • People are friendly and open

    • State is based on mostly car travel

    • Cheaper hotels than in Norway and better standard for money

    • Outside tourist zones food prices are less expensive

    • Contrasts in the society

    • Multiculturalism

  11. Why I recommend the trip

    • Exciting

    • Fun

    • Rich experience – could easily fill a travel log

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