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Tasks to Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Full text of the novel: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Comprehension Questions

Chapters 1-V Read More

Chapter 1

  1. When and where does the story take place?
  2. Who is the narrator in this chapter?
  3. What is Lockwood’s impression of his landlord, Heathcliff?
  4. How is Lockwood treated on his first visit?
  5. Why is Heathcliff’s dwelling called Wuthering Heights?
  6. What was written over the door at Wuthering Heights?
  7. How does Heathcliff contrast to his surroundings?

Chapter II

  1. How is Lockwood treated on his second visit?
  2. On perceiving the young missus, who does Lockwood think she is? What is strange about the young woman's behavior and attitude?
  3. Why is there doubt whether the young man is a servant or not.
  4. Heathcliff balks at Lockwood calling Cathy his “amiable lady”. What mistake does Lockwood make as to who was who?
  5. What does Cathy do when Joseph mentions her mother?
  6. How do we know that both Cathy and Hareton are controlled by Heathcliff?
  7. What made Lockwood take the lantern?

Chapter III

  1. Into whose room does Zillah, the housemaid, show Lockwood ? What was written on the candle ledge inside the little closet?
  2. What do we discover through Catherine Earnshaw’s diary? What is suggested regarding Heathcliff’s past?
  3. What do Catherine and Heathcliff do with the books Joseph forces them to read?
  4. Lockwood has a supernatural experience while reading the sermon, ‘ Seventy Times Seven, and the First of the Seventy-First.’ A Pious Discourse delivered by the Reverend Jabes Branderham, in the Chapel of Gimmerden Sough.’ What was it? What made him scream?
  5. How does Lockwood respond to the apparition?
  6. What does Heathcliff proceed to do? Describe his anguish.

Chapter IV

  1. What is Ellen Dean’s role in this chapter? How long had she been living in the area?
  2. What was Heathcliff ‘s reason for living at Wuthering Heights and not Thrushcross Grange?
  3. Explain who’s who in this chapter.
  4. What happened to Hareton Earnshaw’s inheritance?
  5. How did Ellen Dean come to Wuthering Heights?
  6. What did the older Mr Earnshaw bring back on his return from Liverpool? How old were Cathy and Hindley at the time?
  7. How did the children and servants behave towards the little boy?
  8. Why was he named Heathcliff?
  9. Describe Heathcliff as a child. What makes Nelly Dean change her feelings towards him?
  10. Why does Hindley regard his father as an oppressor and Heathcliff as a usurper?
  11. How did Heathcliff persuade Hindley to exchange colts with him?

Chapter V

  1. How does Mr Earnshaw behave during his illness? Why was this a "disadvantage" to Heathcliff?
  2. How did Joseph gain control over the children?
  3. Describe Catherine Earnshaw as a child.
  4. Why did Catherine like to provoke her father?
  5. What is Catherine’s comment when Earnshaw asks,‘Why canst thou not always be a good lass, Cathy?’
Chapters VI-X Read More

Chapter VI

  1. Whom did Hindley bring with him to Mr Earnshaw's funeral?
  2. What hint is there that Hindley's wife may have consumption?
  3. How had Hindley changed during his absence of three years from Wuthering Heights?
  4. What made Hindley become so tyrannical? How did he take his anger out on Heathcliff?
  5. Why was Heathcliff able to bear his degradation?
  6. What methods of discipline were used on Catherine and Heathcliff?
  7. Heathcliff and Catherine run off to spy on the Lintons at Thrushcross Grange. What caused Catherine to remain there?
  8. What were the Linton children up to when Catherine and Heathcliff were spying on them?
  9. Why was it hard for them to believe that the little girl was Catherine Earnshaw? How do they end up treating Catherine?

Chapter VII
  1. How had Catherine changed during her stay at Thrushcross Grange?
  2. What was Catherine’s impression of Heathcliff after not seeing him for five weeks?
  3. How does Heathcliff react to Catherine’s goading?
  4. What causes Nelly to cry?
  5. What did Heathcliff wish for regarding his appearance?
  6. What story does Nelly make up regarding Heathcliff's origins?
  7. How does Hindley treat Heathcliff when he attempts to join the young people at the Christmas party?
  8. Why did Heathcliff throw a tureen of hot apple sauce at Master Linton?
  9. How does Catherine show remorse for her seemingly selfish behavior?
  10. How does Heathcliff plan to take revenge?
  11. Why is Nelly different from the other servants or those of her state in life?
  12. How far has Nelly come in her story telling?

Chapter VIII
  1. What tragic event takes place in June 1778?
  2. How does Hindley cope with the loss of Frances?
  3. Describe Hindley’s deterioration. How is this demonstrated in his behavior towards Catherine and Heathcliff? How old is Catherine at this time?
  4. Catherine behaves differently when the Lintons come to visit. How?
  5. Why was it difficult for Catherine to keep the admiration of both Heathcliff and Linton?
  6. How had Heathcliff changed by the time he was 16?
  7. What takes place while Hindley is away?
  8. How do Heathcliff and Linton differ from one another?
  9. What sides to Catherine’s fiery temperament are demonstrated during Linton’s visit?
  10. How does Linton show his weakness?
  11. What was the outcome of the quarrel?

Chapter IX
  1. How does Hindley's alcoholism affect those around him?
  2. How is Heathcliff’s plan of revenge on Hindley thwarted?
  3. In what ways does Nelly demonstrate insight into human behavior and psychology?
  4. How do Catherine’s reasons for marriage differ from Nelly’s?
  5. Why is Catherine convinced that she is wrong in marrying Edgar Linton?
  6. Describe Catherine's dream?
  7. How much had Heathcliff overheard?
  8. What did Catherine think she could accomplish by marrying Linton?
  9. How does Catherine's love for Linton and Heathcliff differ?
  10. How does Catherine react to Heathcliff's leaving?
  11. What befalls the Lintons shortly after caring for Catherine at Thrushcross Grange?
  12. Why did the doctor say Catherine should have her way?
  13. Why does Nelly end up going to Thrushcross Grange? How old is Hareton when she leaves?

Chapter X
  1. How does Mr Lockwood spend his time during his four weeks of illness?
  2. What was married life like at Thrushcross Grange for Catherine and Edgar Linton?
  3. Who must Nelly say is calling for Catherine? Why don't they sit in the kitchen?
  4. What is Edgar’s reaction to Heathcliff’s return? What does Catherine attempt to do?
  5. Describe the transformation that had taken place in Heathcliff's appearance? How long had he been gone?
  6. How does Edgar behave towards Heathcliff?
  7. Why had Heathcliff returned?
  8. What does Heathcliff find on returning to Wuthering Heights?
  9. Why does Edgar Linton fear for his sister’s attraction to Heathcliff?
  10. Why does Isabella think Catherine is monopolizing Heathcliff's attention?
  11. How does Catherine’s interpretation of Heathcliff's personality differ from Isabella’s interpretation?
  12. What torments does Isabella suffer in front of Heathcliff at the hands of Catherine?
  13. What does Heathcliff really think of Isabella? Why? How old is she at this time?
Chapters XI-XV Read More
Chapter XI

  1. Who is the “I” narrator in Chapter XI?
  2. Whose image does she believes she sees?
  3. How had Hareton changed within the ten months since they had last seen each other? By whose influence has this taken place?
  4. Why can't Hareton's father, Hindley, stand his own son?
  5. How is Nelly able to announce her arrival at Wuthering Heights?
  6. Why does Nelly call Heathcliff a hypocrite?
  7. What revenge does Heathcliff plan because Catherine has treated him “infernally”? What does Catherine think of his plan?
  8. How does the strain between Catherine, Edgar and Heathcliff finally erupt into violence?
  9. Describe Catherine’s physical reaction to the violence? What does Edgar want of her?
  10. What is Nelly’s Dean’s role here?
  11. What does Edgar threaten Isabella with?

Chapter XII

  1. Why doesn't Nelly inform her master of Catherine’s condition?
  2. What does Nelly say that Edgar is preoccupied with?
  3. What finally convinces Nelly that something is really wrong with Catherine?
  4. How does Catherine demonstrate her insanity?
  5. What induces Nelly to finally tell Edgar of Catherine’s condition?
  6. What do both Edgar and Catherine blame Ellen for in this chapter? What does she say in her defense?
  7. In what condition does Nelly find Isabella’s dog, Fanny?
  8. What did Dr Kenneth observe with regards to Isabella and Heathcliff?
  9. Where had Isabella gone? What is Edgar’s response to this?

Chapter XIII

  1. How long were Isabella and Heathcliff gone?
  2. What was Catherine diagnosed as having?
  3. How do we know that Catherine was also pregnant?
  4. What did Isabella write to Edgar?
  5. What shocking news did Isabella write in her letter to Nelly?
  6. Why does Earnshaw protect himself with a pistol and a double-edged spring knife?
  7. Why won’t Edgar leave Wuthering Heights?
  8. How do Hareton and Joseph treat Isabella on her arrival?
  9. How does Heathcliff’s hatred of Isabella manifest itself?

Chapter XIV

  1. What is Edgar's response to Isabella's letter?
  2. How does the state of Wuthering Heights affect Isabella’s spirit?
  3. What message was Nelly forced to give to Isabella from her brother?
  4. How has Catherine changed from what she once was?
  5. What lengths does Heathcliff go to in order to see Catherine again?
  6. How does Heathcliff know that Catherine has not forgotten him?
  7. Explain Heathcliff’s expression of love for Catherine.
  8. What sides of Heathcliff’s true self are revealed to Isabella?
  9. Why won't Isabella leave Heathcliff?
  10. What does Heathcliff claim is actually wrong with Catherine?
  11. What does Heathcliff force Nelly to do?

Chapter XV

  1. Why did it take Nelly three days to give Heathcliff’s letter to Catherine?
  2. In what ways had Catherine changed?
  3. What is their reunion like?
  4. What prevents Edgar from attacking Heathcliff when Edgar enters the room and finds his unconscious wife?
Chapters XVI-XX Read More

Chapter XVI

  1. How premature was Catherine’s baby?
  2. Why was the birth of his daughter, Cathy, not a joyous occasion for Edgar Linton?
  3. Why does Nelly think that Edgar’s love is selfish?
  4. How does Heathcliff react to Catherine’s death?
  5. What does Heathcliff do with the locket of hair hanging around Catherine’s neck?
  6. Where was Catherine buried?

Chapter XVII

  1. Who cares for baby Cathy?
  2. What is Isabella’s plan of escape?
  3. What does she do with Heathcliff's ring?
  4. What does Isabella feel towards Heathcliff? How does she describe him?
  5. Why was Isabella forced to flee?
  6. Why did Isabella stop Hindley Earnshaw from killing Heathcliff?
  7. What does Heathcliff do to Hindley?
  8. What does Isabella say to Heathcliff that rouses him to abnormal fury?
  9. How does Isabella finally escape?
  10. What takes place a few months after Isabella’s flight from Wuthering Heights?
  11. At what age does Hindley Earnshaw die? What happens to Hareton and his property after Hindley’s death?

Chapter XVIII

  1. How many years had passed since Catherine Linton died and Isabella escaped?
  2. What was Catherine's little girl, Cathy, like?
  3. How was she educated?
  4. Why did they hide Wuthering Heights and Penistone Craig from her?
  5. When does Isabella die?
  6. What did Isabella wish for her son, Linton?
  7. What does Cathy do while Edgar is away for three weeks?
  8. How old are Cathy and Hareton when they meet for the first time?
  9. What had happened to Cathy’s dogs?
  10. Who does she think Hareton's father is?
  11. Why is Cathy so shocked to hear that Hareton is her cousin?
  12. How had Heathcliff and Joseph been treating him?
  13. Why had Cathy and Nelly kept quiet about where they had been?

Chapter XIX

  1. What announced Edgar’s return from Isabella’s funeral?
  2. Whom did Edgar bring home with him after Isabella's death? How old was he?
  3. What is Linton like?
  4. Why are Nelly and Edgar so worried about Linton?
  5. Who comes to fetch Linton at Thrushcross Grange?
  6. What message did Edgar relay to Heathcliff?

Chapter XX

  1. Why does Edgar deliver the boy, Linton, to Heathcliff early the following morning after his arrival?
  2. Why doesn't Edgar tell Cathy where Linton has been taken?
  3. Why doesn't Linton know anything about his real father?
  4. What lies must Nelly tell Linton to get him to go?
  5. How does she describe Heathcliff to him?
  6. What does Heathcliff make of his own son?
  7. What reason does Heathcliff give for forcing Linton to live with him?
Chapters XXI-XXV Read More

Chapter XXI

  1. What news does Nelly gather from Heathcliff’s housekeeper regarding Heathcliff’s treatment and feelings for Linton?
  2. How does Linton’s health and deranged personality affect those around him?
  3. How did Cathy spend her sixteenth birthday?
  4. How does Heathcliff trick Cathy into coming to Wuthering Heights? What is his plan?
  5. How do Cathy and Linton differ from one another physically?
  6. What are Heathcliff’s reasons for not coming to visit them at Thrushcross Grange.
  7. What are Heathcliff’s and Hareton’s feelings towards each other?
  8. Why has Heathcliff kept Hareton illiterate and ignorant while hiring a tutor for Linton?
  9. How does Edgar behave when Cathy finally divulges where she has been
  10. Why doesn't Edgar really tell Cathy what Heathcliff is like?
  11. How is Cathy able to communicate with Linton?
  12. What did Nelly discover after she had gone searching in Cathy's drawer?
  13. What did Nelly threaten Cathy with?

Chapter XXII

  1. How does Edgar’s ailing physical condition affect Cathy?
  2. What consolation does Nelly give her?
  3. When Cathy meets Heathcliff on the ramparts, what means does he use to cajole Cathy into visiting her cousin, Linton, at Wuthering Heights?
  4. What lie does Nelly accuse Heathcliff of?
  5. Why does Nelly finally give in to Cathy’s wishes?

Chapter XXIII

  1. How does Linton greet Cathy when she and Nelly come to visit him at Wuthering Heights?
  2. Why does Linton hate everyone at Wuthering Heights?
  3. What reason does Heathcliff give Linton for Cathy’s absence?
  4. Why do Linton and Cathy begin to quarrel?
  5. What do we make of Linton’s real character?
  6. How does Linton play on Cathy's sympathies?
  7. What does Nelly think of Linton?
  8. What evidence is there that Cathy has a good heart?

Chapter XXIV

  1. How do we know that Cathy is sneaking off to visit Linton at Wuthering Heights?
  2. What did she do to bribe the stable boy to saddle her pony?
  3. How do Linton’s and Cathy’s ideas of spending an afternoon differ?
  4. What did Cathy do to charm Linton when they were together?
  5. In what ways does Cathy demonstrate cruelty to Hareton? What does Nelly say to her behavior?
  6. What does Hareton do to take revenge? How does this lead to a violent scene?
  7. How does Linton manipulate Cathy into returning?
  8. How does Heathcliff abuse Linton?
  9. How does Edgar take the news regarding Cathy's feelings for Linton?

Chapter XXV

  1. How long ago did the preceding events happen?
  2. What did Nelly say when he asked if Linton had changed for the better?
  3. What concerns does Edgar have for Cathy’s well-being after his death?
  4. What reason does Linton give for not coming to see his uncle?
  5. How does Heathcliff manipulate Cathy through Linton's letters?
  6. What economic factors finally made Edgar concede to Cathy meeting Linton?
  7. Why didn't Nelly really understand Linton's failing health nor what Heathcliff was actually doing to him?
Chapters XXVI-XXX Read More

Chapter XXVI

  1. Which demand made by his uncle had Linton forgotten?
  2. What state was Linton in when Cathy meets him on the noors?
  3. When Linton does not respond to her, what does Cathy think is the reason?
  4. What does he blame for his lethargy?
  5. Why do you think Linton clings so to Cathy?

Chapter XXVII

  1. Why doesn't Cathy want to ride to see Linton as she promised?
  2. Why did Edgar encourage Cathy to visit Linton?
  3. Why didn't Nelly tell Edgar the truth?
  4. Why won't Linton be honest with Cathy?
  5. What is the reason for Linton’s violent show of emotions?
  6. Why does Heathcliff ask Nelly how long Edgar has to live?
  7. Describe Heathcliff’s treatment of Linton in this chapter.
  8. Why does Linton call himself a traitor?
  9. How does Heathcliff persuade Cathy into disobeying her father?
  10. What takes place at Wuthering Heights?
  11. How does Linton behave towards Cathy after Heathcliff strikes her?
  12. In what ways does Heathcliff demonstrate pure evil and heartlessness?
  13. What must Cathy do to get out before her father dies?
  14. How long does Nelly stay imprisoned at Wuthering Heights?

Chapter XXVIII

  1. What did the people of Gimmerton think happened to Cathy and Nelly?
  2. What is Heathcliff’s version as to what happened to Cathy and Nelly?
  3. What advice does Heathcliff give Linton?
  4. What does Nelly say to remind Linton of Cathy’s kindness?
  5. Give examples of Linton's true nature.
  6. How does Heathcliff cheat Linton out of being master of Thrushcross Grange?
  7. Whose pictures were inside Cathy’s locket?
  8. What does Linton do when Heathcliff strikes Cathy?
  9. What lies does Nelly tell Edgar on her return to Thrushcross Grange?
  10. What is Edgar correct in assuming?
  11. How would Edgar secure Cathy’s fortune? Why didn’t this come to pass?
  12. Why hadn’t the Grange men been able to rescue Cathy?
  13. What takes place after Edgar dies?
  14. What made Linton finally give Cathy the key?

Chapter XXIX

  1. What would have been the best destiny for Cathy?
  2. How does Heathcliff enter Thrushcross Grange? Why had he come?
  3. How does Linton behave without Cathy?
  4. What are Heathcliff’s plans for the future of Thrushcross Grange?
  5. How does Cathy rise above Linton’s bad nature and Heathcliff’s lack of love?
  6. Which painting does Heathcliff take with him?
  7. When did Heathcliff have the sexton open Catherine’s grave? Why does Heathcliff feel tranquil afterwards?
  8. What does Heathcliff feel about ghosts? What apparition appears to him?
  9. How does Heathcliff isolate Cathy?

Chapter XXX

  1. Where in time has Nelly reached in her narrative?
  2. Who tells Nelly of what is happening at Wuthering Heights?
  3. Why don't the servants like Cathy at Wuthering Heights?
  4. What does Heathcliff do when Cathy asks him to send for a doctor to help Linton?
  5. Compare Zillah and Nelly.
  6. How does Catherine respond to Linton’s death?
  7. What had Heathcliff forced Linton to do with regards to his will?
  8. What steps does Hareton take to get closer to Cathy?
  9. What is Cathy's response to Hareton’s and Zillah's attempts at civility?
  10. How does Cathy react when Hareton tries to stroke her curls?
  11. How had Hareton changed?
  12. How does Heathcliff’s treatment of Cathy affect her?
Chapters XXXI-XXXIV Read More

Chapter XXXI

  1. How does Lockwood describe Hareton Earnshaw?
  2. Describe Cathy's change.
  3. What takes place when Lockwood tries to give Cathy the letter?
  4. How does Hareton react to Cathy’s tears?
  5. What do the books in Hareton’s room demonstrate?
  6. Why is Cathy so cruel towards Hareton?
  7. Why does Lockwood take Hareton’s side?
  8. What does Cathy say in her defense?
  9. How does Hareton respond to Cathy's outbursts and chiding?
  10. Where is Lockwood going?

Chapter XXXII

  1. Where is Lockwood at the beginning of the chapter? What year is it?
  2. Where does Lockwood go on impulse?
  3. What signals changes taking place at Wuthering Heights?
  4. What does Lockwood observe inside the great estate at Wuthering Heights?
  5. What does Joseph make of the changes?
  6. Why did Heathcliff ask Nelly to come to Wuthering Heights?
  7. Who is now taking care of business at Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights?
  8. Through whose narrative do we hear of Heathcliff’s death?
  9. When and how did Heathcliff die?
  10. Why had Cathy changed her behavior towards Hareton?
  11. How did she go about making up for the cruelty she had bestowed on him?
  12. What accident befell Hareton?
  13. How does Cathy finally gain Hareton's favor?
  14. How does Joseph respond to this new state of affairs?

Chapter XXXIII

  1. What had Cathy and Hareton done in the morning of the following Monday?
  2. Why was Joseph so angered?
  3. How do Cathy and Hareton provoke Heathcliff?
  4. What do we notice in Cathy’s defiance which angers Heathcliff? Why?
  5. What does Joseph accuse Cathy of?
  6. How does Cathy make Hareton her ally?
  7. What stops Heathcliff from beating her?
  8. Why won't Hareton listen to how Heathcliff treated his real father?
  9. Why had Heathcliff lost his motivation for destruction and brutality?
  10. What change does Heathcliff think is coming?

Chapter XXXIV

  1. Describe Heathcliff's erratic behavior before his death.
  2. What are Nelly’s thoughts regarding Heathcliff at this point?
  3. Where does Heathcliff die? What did he look like when Nelly found him?
  4. Where did he want to be buried?
  5. How does Hareton respond to Heathcliff's death?
  6. What do the country folk say?
  7. What will happen to Cathy and Hareton?
  8. Describe the graves that Lockwood comes upon.
CC BY-SASkrevet av Carol Dwankowski.
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