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The Job Interview

The interview is a natural follow-up to your application, if it is of interest to the recruiter. It is a conversation with one or more decision-makers in the company, who will try to find out whether you are the person best suited for the job. Check out the DOs and DON'Ts of interviews below.

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Make sure you understand these words before you read the text. Use the dictionary in the link collection to look up new words:

  1. recruiter
  2. decision-maker
  3. benefit
  4. clarification
  5. rehearse
  6. limp
  7. assets
  8. achievement
  9. rambling
  10. hostile
  11. current
  12. negotiation
  13. salary
  14. boast
  15. modest
  16. perk
  17. insecurity
  18. flaw
  19. ignorance


  1. Give specific examples in order to support your claims (concerning skills, achievements, personality...)
  2. Smile and speak with a clear, strong voice.
  3. Ask for clarification if you are not certain that you have understood a question correctly.
  4. Show a sense of humour if something beyond your control occurs.
  5. Ask questions that show your interest in the organization.
  6. Bring your resume and a list of references (with contact information).
  7. Rehearse being interviewed with friends.


  1. Don't lack etiquette - arriving late, inappropriate grooming, excessive familiarity (but, at the same time, avoid stiff, evasive and cold body language), limp handshakes, sitting down without being invited to do so, not turning the cell phone off, etc.
  2. Don't come unprepared, without knowledge of the organization or a clear idea of what your assets are (qualifications, experience, achievements, etc).
  3. Don't answer with a simple "yes" or "no". However, rambling on for many minutes without sticking to the topic will not do any good either.
  4. Don't speak in a negative or hostile manner about former or current employers.
  5. Don't initiate negotiations concerning salary during the first interview.
  6. Don't boast or be too modest.
  7. Don't ask questions about what the organization "can do for you" (salary, benefits, perks, etc.), or that reveal insecurities, flaws, ignorance about things you should have read up on...

Vocabulary Practice

Make questions or statements which might be useful in a job interview. One sentence for each of the following words:

  • benefit
  • clarify
  • achievement
  • current
  • negotiate
  • salary
  • boast
  • assets


In pairs, carry out an interview on the basis of your application and CV for one of the following jobs:

Global Volunteers

Teaching in Thailand

We are looking for volunteer English teachers to teach conversational English to students in Thailand. The job is for a 3 month period and the students are mainly adults who understand basic English, but need conversation practice and to learn more about US and UK culture.


  • 4 hr. evening class, Monday to Friday
  • Books supplied
  • Language lab available

Teacher requirements:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Teaching qualifications not necessary
  • Speak fluent English (not necessarily a native speaker)
  • Interested in other cultures
  • Enjoy meeting new people

Cost: £600 covers all costs for 3 months. Travel expenses not included. Ensuite accommodation and all meals supplied.

Send letter of application, CV and references to: Global Volunteers, 1105 Lakeland Drive, Minneapolis, MN USA.

We will contact you to arrange an interview with our local representative.


Internships Australia - we have been organizing internships in Australia for 20 years.

Type of Work: in restaurant or hotel business

Period: 6 months

Area: Queensland, Gold Coast and north to Cairns


  • under 30
  • minimum 3 months experience in restaurant or hotel work (any kind) with references
  • friendly and interested in meeting new people
  • fluent in English
  • willing to work hard

Minimum wage: AUD18/hr

Working Hours: 38hrs/week + optional overtime

Accommodation: subsidized staff accommodation

Send letter of application, resume and references to: Internships Australia, 1150 Burke Street, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

We will contact you to arrange an interview with our local representative.


"Who would you hire?" In groups of 4 discuss who you would hire for the job, on the basis of one of the job descriptions above and 2/3 resumes + cover letters.

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