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Interview with Students in New York

In this interview you meet Ed and Elisabeth. They are both law students in New York. They have very different experiences of life, both geographically and culturally. By listening to them ask each other questions, you will learn a lot about the USA.

Students interview each other. Foto.

Listen to the interview and answer the following questions

New York Students, 23:25




00:00 - 08:30

  1. Elisabeth and Ed are sitting in a bar in Manhattan. Where exactly is this bar?
  2. NOLITA is mentioned as a location. What is NOLITA short for?
  3. Where is Elisabeth from?
  4. What is KFC short for?
  5. Why did Ed live in North Carolina for a couple of years?
  6. How old was he when he finished high school?
  7. Which university did he choose after high school, and why?
  8. In which state was Elisabeth a student?
  9. How is the accent in this state described?
  10. Elisabeth and Ed talk about going far away to study or staying in their home areas. What are some of their experiences?
  11. Elisabeth tells about some of her friends. What are some of the cultural differences she observes in her friends from Louisiana and Vermont?
  12. What are some of Ed’s experiences in California when it comes to friends and culture?
  13. What is Napa Valley known for?
  14. Why did Ed choose to move back to the east coast?
    08:30 - 23:25
  15. How do many New Yorkers look upon the fact that Elisabeth comes from Kentucky?
  16. Why can Manhattan seem overwhelming to a person?
  17. How long has Ed been in New York?
  18. Two of the NY boroughs are Manhattan and Brooklyn. What are the three others?
  19. According to Ed, what are the advantages of living in Brooklyn?
  20. What was Ed’s course of study at the university before law school?
  21. Who are some of his favorite writers?
  22. Elisabeth has studied abroad. Where?
  23. Why does she recommend psychology?

Pro et Con

The last minutes of this interview deal with the jury trial system, the same system as we have in Norway. Based on their short discussion, make a list of pros and cons of the jury system.

Write a Paragraph or Give a Short Monolog

Give a short summary of what happened when Ed was appointed to sit on a jury?

Find 3 Facts for Each:

  • Chinatown,New York
  • Stanford University
  • Gertrude Stein
  • Broadway
  • Brooklyn
  • Little Italy
  • Napa Valley North
  • Carolina KFC
  • California

Role Play

Pretend that you meet one of your fellow students again after spending one year as a student in the USA. She has gone to New York University and you have been at Stanford, San Francisco. Interview each other about your respective universities and about the typical cultural and geographical characteristics of your area. You should spend some time preparing the roleplay by finding some facts about your university/area.

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