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Today learning English can be much more than reading a textbook, writing texts, doing grammar exercises and talking in the classroom. Not that that cannot lead to language learning, but the Internet offers a host of interesting sources of useful information. The list below is a selection of them:

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Useful Student Blogs

Presentation Tips

Making Presentations
Helpful list of tips if you are going to make a presentation in class.

Efficiency/Study Habits/Time Control

Study Habits
Large collection of useful strategies for learning, both in general and in specific subjects. You will find posts like "How to study for an exam" and "How to learn a foreign language".

Study Skills
This blog promises it will help you learn how to study better. It contains tips like "Some mental focusing techniques", "The use of music while studying" and "6 essential tips for effective writing".


Writing Skills
This blog is about "the art of writing, for non writers", i.e. for students and other people who are not professional writers. You will find thoughts about finding your own "voice" or style, tips about language choices, and ideas about what to do if you are stuck.

Writing Tips
This blog contains very many good tips about language, grammar and writing. Posts here will clear up if you should use "Wether, Weather or Whether", if "can not or cannot" is correct, and give you "10 rules for writing numbers", among many other things.

Learning Resources

BBC Learning English
The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has a large section on their website dedicated to the learning of English and other subjects. You will find a grammar guide, games, quizzes and other interactive content like soundclips and videos.

Larry Ferlazzo Best of Series
Large collection of links to useful resources for learning about various topics.


Dirty Grammar Tips
Don´t be put off by the "dirty" part of this website´s name. It is a site dedicated to short and helpful tips about grammar. You can ask for help as well, by posting questions.

English Grammar Structures
Explanations of English grammar structures and forms including reference sheets for beginning, intermediate, upper and advanced level ESL/EFL English classes and learners.

Useful Teacher Blogs


Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals
Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals contains a series of movie segments and activities to assess or practice grammar points through fun, challenging exercises. Here you will find the movie segments, the lesson plans, printable worksheets with answer key for each activity, and the tips to develop your own grammar activities with the DVDs you have at home.

Grammar Teaching Tips
Grammar teaching tips from The English Blog.

BBC Teaching Resources
Teacher resources, lesson plans etc.

British Council Teaching Resources
On these pages you will find free teaching resources to use in your English lessons. There are lesson plans and activities, complete with worksheets to download, for primary, secondary and adult classes.

Learning Blogs (NYTimes)
Resources, lesson plans, tests, quizzes, student opinions.

Larry Ferlazzo Best of Series
Large collection of links to useful resources for teaching various topics.

A Year of Reading
Two teachers, who have a passion for reading, share many book lists for different grade levels, links and resources for literacy lessons.

Two Writing Teachers
Two passionate writing teachers run a well-organized blog sharing research, rubrics, samples of mentor texts, classroom reflections, units of study ideas, and much more.

National Archive Education Service
The National Archives Education Service brings history to life through an award-winning programme of taught sessions and online resources.

Gapminder News
Blog relating news about statistics and data from all over the world. The webside offers nice visualisations of official statistics and data.

Online Grammar Guide
Online grammar guide.

Paperless English
Comprehensive blog with tips and thoughts for ICT-based learning activities.

Smithsonian Education
Lesson plans from the Smithsonian.


An A–Z of ELT
Discusses a number of central concepts in language teaching from both a practical and theoretical point of view.

Jeremy Harmer's Blog
The methodology guru, Jeremy Harmer, shares his thoughts on ELT and EFL.

English Teachers Blogging

Teaching English Using Web 2.0
Norwegian English teacher at Sandvika near Oslo blogs about her practice and offers reflections and concrete tips.

Correcto Ergo Sum

Norwegian English teacher at Sotra vgs who shares her ideas on assessing English tasks effectively.

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