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Multinational Corporations - Project

When you hear the word "corporation", what do you think of? Does it have positive or negative associations? Companies like McDonald's, Nike and Apple are a vital part of the global economy. There are many aspects to these multinational companies, which can form the basis for an in-depth project.

Mennesker med paraply går foran en Nike-bygning nattestid. Foto.

Competence Aims

Suggested competence aims from the programme for International English:

  • presentere et større fordypningsarbeid med emne fra internasjonal engelsk eller et annet fag innen eget programområde og vurdere prosessen
  • drøfte noen internasjonale og globale utfordringer

Suggested competence aims from the programme for Social Studies English:

presentere et større fordypningsarbeid med emne fra samfunnsfaglig engelsk og vurdere prosessen

drøfte spørsmål knyttet til sosiale og økonomiske forhold i noen engelskspråklige land

Depending on the approach you choose you will be able to include other competence aims.


Before choosing an approach to the topic, study these three videos about corporations, and discuss and answer the questions which follow.

The Corporation Part 1 - What Is a Corporation?


  1. Define a corporation
  2. What did a corporation do?
  3. Approximately when were the first corporations started?
  4. What was a chartered corporation?
  5. What was the role and purpose of a corporation?

The Corporation Part 2 - Advertising and Image


  1. What does advertising aim to do for people generally?
  2. What does advertising for a corporation tell us?
  3. What is perception management?
  4. What kind of image do corporations try to create for themselves?

The Corporation Part 3 - Multinationality and Power


  1. What did President Roosevelt try to do with respect to corporations?
  2. What reactions did this inspire?
  3. Who was involved?
  4. How have corporations developed today?
  5. How has this affected the position of governments vs. corporations

Suggested Topics

Here are a few aspects of multinational corporations. Choose your approach to the subject and make an oral or written presentation:

  • Development and power
  • Monopoly
  • Advertising and image
  • Ethics - sweatshops, environment, corruption
  • Consumerism

Suggested Resources


A New World Order

Multinational Corporations

Global Marketing and Brand Building


Poverty in the Midst of Riches


The Story of Stuff - Introduction


Center for Research on Multinational Corporations

Multinational Corporations - Wikipedia

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