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Consumerism - Project

Consumerism is the social and economic system upon which our western society is based i.e. the consumption of goods and services drives industry in our society.

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Our ever-increasing consumption besides keeping the wheels of industry turning can have other less desirable effects, such as those that extraction of resources and pollution can have on the environment. The increasing gap we see today between the rich and the poor is another negative effect.

Competence Aims

  • drøfte spørsmål knyttet til sosiale og økonomiske forhold i noen engelskspråklige land
  • drøfte aktuelle debattema i den engelskspråklige verden


You are a member of a protest group. The group is going to stage a public protest against our society's shopping culture. Present your plans and ideas to the class.

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Oral Presentation

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Oral Presentation

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Current debates in the English-speaking world