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Aids in Sub-Saharan Africa

These tasks are based on the resource: AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

Task 1: Q & A

Sit in pairs and formulate questions and answers for the keywords below:
HIV and AIDS, Sub-Saharan Africa, consequences, poverty, orphans, stigma, sex education, Uganda, ARV drugs, epidemic in South Africa

Task 2: Searching for Information

Search the Internet and find information about how AIDS has developed since the 1980s when it was first discovered. Make a timeline which features the most important developments of AIDS in the world. Focus especially on Southern African countries, but you should also include relevant information from other parts of the world.

Task 3: 5 Heroes of AIDS in Africa (53 min)

The film, 5 Heroes of AIDS in Africa offers a glimpse into the the lives of five very different individuals who are battling AIDS on different fronts. Before you watch this film: What is your definition of a “hero”?

Class Discussion

  1. How can we say that these people are heroes?
  2. Sum up in what way the 5 people in the film are affected by HIV/AIDS and what they do to fight the disease (Mandla, Makazi, Dr. Roux, Juliet, Adelaide).
  3. Who made the greatest impression on you? Why?
  4. AIDS is not just a personal tragedy but a national one. Based on the film, give examples of how an entire community is affected by the epidemic.

Written Task

Choose one of the people in the film and write either an interview with the person or an article where you present his / her work and life situation.

Task 4: Working with Statistics

  1. Enter the site Aids in Africa. Go to "Epidemic charts". Compare the two charts: "Display current HIV levels" and "Display HIV over time". What information can you find from these two charts? (Note that there are a few countries where information is not available, but you will still get a good understanding of the situation.)
  2. Move on to “People charts”. Go through the first 6 charts. Take notes and sum up the information you are given.
  3. Go to Aids in Africa – Data. Compare the following countries: Uganda, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana and Swaziland. What can you say about the development of AIDS in these countries?

Task 5: Summing Up

Watch ABC News from October 1982 when the cause of AIDS was still unknown. What do we know today that they didn’t know in 1982? Take notes and compare with a partner.

Task 6: Oral Presentation

Make an oral presentation about AIDS in the world today. Use the resources listed below.

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