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Chapters 3 and 4 Minny

Chapter 3 Minny
1. What impression does Celia Foote make on Minny?
2. Celia and Minny seem to talk past each other at first. Explain.
3. How would this job differ from the others Minny has had in the past?
4. Why doesn’t Celia want to tell her husband, Johnny, that Minny would be working for them?
5. What were the White rules Minny’s mother told her to obey when she was 14 years old?
6. How did Minny lose the first job she ever had?
7. What condition is Celia’s house in when Minny starts working for her?
8. Describe Celia’s first cooking lesson. What is Crisco?
9. How do we know that Minny is proud of her cooking?
10. What did Aibileen tell Minny about Miss Skeeter?

Chapter 4 Minny
1. Why do you think that Miss Celia never entertains?
2. What makes Minny think that Celia is lazy?
3. Why is Minny surprised when Miss Celia asks if she is happy?
4. Why don’t the Southern women on the Children’s Benefit committee call Miss Celia?
5. What is Minny’s home life like?
6. Why is Minny so afraid that Mr Johnny will discover her?