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Chapters 5 and 6 Miss Skeeter

Chapter 5 Miss Skeeter
1. Why is it ironic that Hilly wants to throw Skeeter out of the League?
2. How do Skeeter and Hilly differ from one another?
3. Why is Skeeter’s Mother baffled and disappointed in her? What does she want her daughter to do?
4. What is Skeeter’s aim in life?
5. Although Skeeter’s real name is Eugenia Phelan. How did she get the name of Skeeter?
6. Who was Constantine?
7. What is it that Hilly wants Skeeter to print in the League’s newsletter?
8. Where did Constantine live and what was it like?
9. What do we know of Constantine’s background and family?
10. Give a few examples of how the special bond between Constantine and Skeeter was established over time.
11. When Skeeter goes off to college, Ole Miss, she and Constantine correspond with each other. What was in the last letter Skeeter received from her?
12. What did Skeeter discover when she returned home from Ole Miss?

Chapter 6 Miss Skeeter
1. Why did Elaine Stein, the Senior editor, of Harper & Row, Publishers, write back to Skeeter?
2. What position does Skeeter get at the Jackson Journal?
3. How does Skeeter’s Mother react to the news of her new position?
4. What does Skeeter’s Mother imply about her?
5. Where does Skeeter go for professional help for her column?
6. What is Skeeter impression of Raleigh, Miss Elizabeth’s husband?
7. How did Hilly and Elizabeth react to Skeeter’s news about being hired at the Jackson Journal?
8. What two things does Skeeter find out about Constantine from Aibileen in this chapter?
9. What do Skeeter’s parents answer when she questions them about Constantine?
10. What famous historical event takes place in this chapter?
11: What idea does Aibileen put into Skeeter’s head?
12. Who does Hilly try to set Skeeter up with for a date?
13. What sets Skeeter’s mind to thinking about “crossing the line”?