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Chapters 8 and 9 Miss Skeeter

Chapter 8 Miss Skeeter
1. What did Skeeter tell Miss Stein about how she got the idea for the interviews?
2. Why do you think that Miss Stein is actually skeptical that any Negro maid would think of talking to Skeeter?
3. What is the first sign that there may be something physically wrong with Mrs Phelan?
4. What is the Magic Soft and Silky Shinalator? Why does Skeeter’s Mother want to try it on her?

Chapter 9 Miss Skeeter
1. Why can’t Skeeter drive the Cadillac to her blind date?
2. What does she end up driving?
3. Describe Skeeter’s blind date with Stuart Whitworth.
4. What made Aibileen change her mind about being interviewed?