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Chapter 10 Minny

Chapter 10 Minny
1. What is Minny mostly worried about?
2. Why can’t Minny stop thinking about Louvinia’s grandson, Robert?
3. What does Minny say when Celia asks her to make a chocolate pie?
4. In which way does it irritate Minny that Celia has not informed her husband, Johnny, of her employment?
5. Why doesn’t Celia have any friends?
6. Is there any evidence while they are at an evening church service that Minny is actually thinking about the interviews?
7. In this chapter Celia acts strange and angrily sends Minny home. What does Minny suspect? What might actually be the problem?
8. Describe Minny’s first meeting with Mr Johnny Foote Jr.
9. Why doesn’t he fire Minny?
10. Why doesn’t Minny want Hilly to come out and teach Celia how to play bridge?