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Chapters 11, 12 and 13 Miss Skeeter

Chapter 11 Miss Skeeter
1. How does the colored part of town differ from the white part of town in Jackson?
2. How would you describe Skeeter’s first interview with Aibileen?
3. What did Aibileen like best about her job?
4. What is always in the back of their minds during the interviews that makes Aibileen so nervous?
5. During Hilly’s bridge party, Elizabeth manages to patronize her sister in California. Why?
6. What was on the note Aibileen handed to Skeeter at the bridge party?
7. Why is it easier for Aibileen to write about her life than be interviewed?
8. What does “shame” mean to Aibileen?
9. What happened to the little white boy Aibileen was forced to take to the colored hospital to sew his fingers back on?

Chapter 12 Miss Skeeter
1. Skeeter is a bit taken aback that Aibileen is doing the writing. Why?
2. How did Treelore die? What did Aibileen do shortly afterwards?
3. Why did Aibileen have to ask Skeeter to take out books from the library for her?
4. What strategy do Skeeter and Aibileen use to delude people into thinking their interviews do not take place in Jackson?
5. What news does Elizabeth have for Skeeter and Hilly?
6. What does Hilly give Aibileen that she would not give to her own maid Yul May?
7. Sum up the details in Hilly’s Home Help Sanitation initiative.
8. For what reason is Miss Stein skeptical about using a book of interviews? What historical event makes her change her mind?
9. How many maids would they have to interview? How many had they asked already?
10. What were Minny’s conditions for being interviewed?
11. How does Minny treat Skeeter during her first interview?

Chapter 13 Miss Skeeter
1. Minny points out that not everything Skeeter writes down is about colored rights. What does she mean?
2. Describe Stuart Whitworth’s visit. What explanation did he give for his previous, bad behavior? What was Skeeter’s first response to his explanation?
3. What changes her mind about going out with him?
4. What does Skeeter look for at the library?
5. What were some of the Jim Crow Laws in the South during that time?
6. What does Skeeter suddenly realize?
7. What is so ironic about Hilly’s sending canned food to The Poor Starving Children of Africa?
8. Why doesn’t Skeeter want to double date with Hilly?
9. Why did the policeman stop Skeeter on her way to Aibileen’s? What excuse does she give him?
10. After another League meeting, Skeeter panics when she discovers that she has left her satchel. Why?
11. What is revealed about Skeeter’s Mother in this chapter?
12. Why do you think Hilly’s attitude towards Skeeter becomes hostile when Skeeter comes to redeem her satchel? Why does she bring up Stuart’s Father, Senator Whitworth, and Governor Ross Barnett?