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Chapters 17 and 18 Minny

Chapters 17 Minny
1. Why is Minny fed up with Celia?
2. Why is Minny so worried about encountering Miss Hilly?
3. Why is Celia so desperate to have a bridge party?
4. How does Minny describe her? What does she mean by saying that Celia does not know “where the lines are drawn”?
5. What offends Minny when she explains to Celia that she cannot afford air conditioning?
6. What makes Minny stick with the interview project, even though she resents the fact that a white woman is taking the initiative for the project?
7. Minny realizes that there are a lot of things she could do for the colored peoples’ cause, but what is it that she cares most strongly about?
8. Describe Minny’s own children?
9. How do the white teenagers react to the five colored people who demonstrate passive resistance at the sit-in at Brown’s Drug Store?
10. Why is Minny’s husband, Leroy, so negative to the demonstrations?
11. Why is Minny so disgusted with Celia when she discovers her with the bottles filled with brown liquid?
12. According to Minny, why can’t colored people and white people be friends?
13. What happens when Minny confronts Celia about the bottles? Why does Minny find it so difficult to apologize?
14. How does Aibileen use humor to change her mind?

Chapter 18 Minny
1. How does Kathryn Stockett build up tension in this chapter?
2. How do we know that this is not the first time Celia miscarries?
3. Why is she so afraid of telling her husband?
4. What important role does Minny play in this chapter? How is her relationship to Celia strengthened?
5. What do the bottles really contain? How does Miss Celia feel about her miscarriages?
6. What impression do we get of Dr. Tate?