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Chapters 19, 20 and 21 Miss Skeeter

Chapter 19 Miss Skeeter
1. Who was Carl Roberts?
2. Why doesn’t Skeeter go to Biloxi with Stuart?
3. Describe Skeeter’s feelings for Stuart? What is it that he is not telling her?
4. Why did Mrs Phelan hire Pascagoula even though she had never worked as a domestic help before?
4. How are Yul Mae and Pascagoula related? Why does Yul Mae help Skeeter?
5. Why did she Yul Mae end up in the penitentiary?
6. In what ways will the colored churches help Yul Mae? Why is this so ironic in light of the reason Hilly gave for NOT helping her?
7. What motivated the colored women to help Skeeter with her stories?
8. What feelings towards whites are brought out through the stories?
9. Why was Gretchen, Yul Mae’s cousin, so hostile towards Skeeter? What did she believe?
10. How does Aibileen react to Gretchen’s outburst?

Chapter 20 Miss Skeeter
1. What impression do we get of Senator Whitworth and his wife?
2. The Whitworth’s house is a shrine to the War Between the States. What does this mean?
3. Why did Senator Whitworth and his wife take their historical home off the tour?
4. Patricia van Devender is mentioned several times. How do the Whitworth’s treat Skeeter during the course of the evening?
5. How do Senator Whitworth’s and Mr Carlton Phelan’s reactions differ to the article in Life Magazine about Medgar Evers and Carl Roberts?
6. What information does Senator Whitworth try to find out about Stuart from Eugenia?
7. What happened between Stuart and Patricia van Devender? Why did Stuart break up with Patricia?
8. How do Stuart and Skeeter part?

Chapter 21 Miss Skeeter
1. What happens the first time the Phelans try to turn on the new Air Conditioner?
2. How is Skeeter affected by the maid’s stories and interviews?
3. Why hasn’t Skeeter told her Mother about the breakup?
4. What gives us the impression that the maids really want the stories to be published?
5. Why is Hilly so furious that Skeeter refuses to print the intitiative? What does she threaten to do?