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Chapter 25 The Benefit

Chapter 25 The Benefit
1. Describe the Jackson Junior League Annual Benefit. How do the men and women behave?
2. Why is Johnny a bit concerned about Celia??
3. What impression does Celia make on the men when they first enter the Benefit? What impression does she make on the women?
4. The entire event tastes of hypocrisy. How?
5. Hilly turns the toilet/ commode incident around to her own benefit for the Home Help Sanitation Initiative? In what way was this accomplished?
6. It is the first time Johnny and Hilly talk together since he married Celia. What do they discuss?
7. What takes place during the auction? Who does Hilly think signed her up for Minny Jackson’s chocolate pie?
8. What does Celia try to explain to Hilly? Why does she become confused and what harrowing catastrophe is she the center of?
9. What does Hilly call Celia?
10. Who actually signed her up for the chocolate pie? Why?