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Chapter 26 Minny

Chapter 26 Minny
1. The day after The Benefit incident, Minny’s children have already heard what happened. In what way has Minny’s reaction to their teasing prove she has changed?
2. What action does Hilly take against Celia?
3. How has Celia gained insight into her own situation?
4. What does Minny reveal to Celia about the Terrible Awful? Why did she do it?
5. How did Miss Walters, Hilly’s mother, react to the Terrible Awful?
6. Why didn’t Hilly tattle on Minny? What did she do instead?
7. Why is it evident that Celia is planning for the future?
8. What decision does Minny have to make?
9. What was written at the bottom of the check Celia wrote to Hilly?