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Chapters 27 and 28 Miss Skeeter

Chapter 27 Miss Skeeter
1. What historical event took place in this chapter which struck the nation dumb?
2. What news does Skeeter receive when she calls Miss Stein’s office? What suggestions does Miss Stein make to Skeeter?
3. What is it that Skeeter is keeping from her mother?
4. Why is Hilly incorrect in thinking that Skeeter “planned” to humiliate her family?
5. What was it that made Skeeter “crack open inside” when she started writing the newsletter for the League?
6. Hilly accuses Skeeter of not being a Christian. How is this ironic?
7. How does William Holbrook do in the local election?
8. Why does Elizabeth try to avoid Skeeter? What is she embarrassed about?
9. What does Hilly do at the League meeting? How is Skeeter affected?
10. Why is Skeeter so depressed at this stage in the novel?
11. What does Stuart reveal to Skeeter on his visit? How does she feel?
12. What title does Aibileen suggest they use for the book?
13. What does Mrs Phelan say about Stuart that surprises Skeeter
14. Sum up Constantine’s story. What was the “surprise” Constantine mentioned in the last letter to Skeeter?
15. What happened when Lulabelle, Constantine’s daughter, came into Mrs Phelan’s home? 16. Why hadn’t Mrs Phelan told Skeeter about what had happened to Constantine?
18. What “insurance” did Minny think would protect them all from Hilly’s wrath and general repercussions the publication of the book would bring them?

Chapter 28 Miss Skeeter
1. What does Doctor Neal tell Skeeter about her mother?
2. What does Mrs Phelan mean by the following statement, “They say it’s like true love, good help. You only get one in a lifetime”?
3. Christmas is a very sad affair for Skeeter and her family; however, what signs of stubbornness can still be seen in Mrs Phelan?
4. What is Stuart’s response to the gossip that he hears regarding Skeeter?
5. Why is what Skeeter wears on her dinner date with Stuart symbolic?
6. Why doesn’t Skeeter just accept Stuart’s proposal of marriage?
7. How does Stuart react to the truth about Skeeter’s book project?
8. What decision had Mrs Phelan taken regarding her illness?
9. How is the publication of their book this an absolute triumph for Skeeter and the maids?