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Chapter 33 Miss Skeeter

Chapter 33 Miss Skeeter
1. Skeeter also wakes up to “ripping scream” and guilt feelings. Why should Skeeter leave Jackson? Why doesn’t she want to?
3. Skeeter meets Lou Anne Templeton in the drugstore. What does Lou Anne say to her?
4. What was Lou Anne suffering from?
5. Why wouldn’t Lou Anne ever fire Louvinia?
6. What made Hilly change her mind about the book taking place in Jackson?
7. How did Skeeter’s meeting with Lou Anne make her realize something?
8. What would have happened if Skeeter had not written the book?
9. Describe the final confrontation between Skeeter and Hilly?
10. Besides planning to sue Skeeter, she plans to tell Skeeter’s mother. How are all her plans thwarted?
11. How would Hilly “give herself away” if she did anything against Minny Jackson?
12. What gave the book away?
13. What does Minny say she will do to put Skeeter’s mind to rest so she can take the job at Harper's Magazine?