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What is a Novel? (Easy Novel Guide)

A novel is a work of fiction. This means that it is made up and not factual. Unlike the short story, it is NOT short; it usually focuses on many events, places and more characters than the short story. Also, the time aspect is usually longer.

Useful words

fiction = fiksjon

factual = noe som er basert på fakta/noko som er basert på fakta

events = hendelser/hendingar

You have probably heard of Harry Potter. To trigger your memory, take a look at the author's website. JK Rowling Official Website


Why do we call the books about Harry Potter novels?


They focus on many events and places; there are many characters and the story runs over a long period of time.

We have used Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as an example. Remember, however, there are many books to choose from, YOU don't have to pick a Harry Potter book.