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Obesity - Introduction

Obesity is a root cause of many illnesses in the western world and therefore a topic which concerns everyone today.


Use this material for project work, presentation and also discussion

"We Are What We Eat" and "Obesity - a New Lifestyle Disease" are factual texts, which discuss the problem of overweight.

"Obesity in the UK" is a video (2:11min), with related tasks, about problems and solutions to obesity.

"Fast Food - USA" is a video (6:33min). A Drive Thru Society takes a look at how fast food contributes to obesity in the United States and introduces some community members who are taking action towards encouraging healthy lifestyles.

"Flabuless on Her Way to Fabulous" is a video, with related tasks, about a girl from New Zealand and her journey from flab to fab. (6:29min)

"Unhealthy Diets - The Root of (most) Evil" is an audio text (2:40min). Obesity and related diseases.

"Obesity - the Cost" is a short text discussing some recent statistics on obesity and the cost to society.

The nodes can be opened from the list below or from the link collection.

Here you can listen to an audio lecture on unhealthy diets:

Unhealthy Diets -The Root of (most) Evil

Unhealthy Diets -The Root of (most) Evil