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The Ribbon Game

The Ribbon Game

Colored Paper Ribbon
Colored Paper Ribbon

The class is divided into four or five groups. Every pupil in each group is given a colored ribbon that they tie around their finger or wrist. The ribbon colors help pupils identify the different groups. The color of the ribbon is matched to a specific question or task. For example, one group might have yellow ribbons. Pupils with yellow ribbons are to work with question number 1. The pupils are to go around the classroom individually and conduct mini-interviews with four people, one from each group, and write down two sentences from each mini-interview. At each mini-interview, the pupils can take turns interviewing each other.

After the pupils have conducted the mini-interviews, all the pupils with a red ribbon sit at one table, pupils with a blue ribbon sit at another table, and so on. The groups then discuss the question or task they were to explore.

The activity rounds off by having a short classroom discussion where the groups share their findings with the rest of the class.

Equipment needed for this activity: ribbon or string for each student in 4-5 different colors
Time required:
45-60 minutes depending on class size
The Ribbon game encourages an active learning environment in that the pupils:

-use their own words to present their point of view
-read prepared material and then have to use it in a different context
-learn cooperatively with their fellow pupils
-present material orally for their fellow pupils
-interview fellow pupils and note the main points of what the each person has said

For an example of the use of the Ribbon Game, see Oranges and Sunshine.