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Racism and Film

Choose an American film aimed at young people and examine attitudes involving race, ethnicity and gender.

John Travolta og Samuel L. Jackson i Pulp Fiction
John Travolta og Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction - a favorite from the 1990's

Do you have a favorite among American films? If not, you may use some of the suggestions below:

  • The Hunger Games
  • Twilight
  • Save the Last Dance
  • Nancy Drew
  • Captain America
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Bamboozled

Make a Presentation

Study these links Racism and Where Do Racism and Prejudice Come From? and use the information provided there as a resource when working with the tasks.

  1. Examine the film of your choice closely to find examples of
    stereotyping and prejudice.
  2. Analyze "your" film by focusing on the attitudes revealed regarding differences in attitudes to:
    jobs, sex, the opposite sex, interests, education, how they demonstrate feelings, strengths, how they communicate, what they talk about, formal positions as leaders or workers
  3. Comment on:
    • Gender roles
    • Ethnic groups
    • Religious groups
    • How do the unpopular characters differ from the popular ones?
    • Does this film contribute to prejudice? If so, how?
    • Does this film contribute to diminish prejudice? Is so, how?
    • Relate what you have found out about "your" film to issues you have learned are important when it comes to racism.
    • How and why your characters are prejudiced.


How to Make an Oral Presentation