Hopp til innhold


The night of the last day in October they come out: The dark forces and the spirits of the Dead. The monsters and ghosts will haunt you and scare you and they will make you shiver with fear, because tonight is the Festival of the Dead.

Halloween Garden
Halloween Garden

The night between October 31st and November 1st has for centuries been celebrated as the turning point between summer and winter. The old Celts believed that this was when life and death would come together and that the spirits of the dead would come back to haunt the living. To keep the ghosts and spirits at bay they would make sacrifices and place food outside their houses to please them.

Straight Out of a Horror Film

So what started out as a superstitious and mystic religious ritual has developed into what we see today when children (and often adults) dress up like monsters and ghosts and knock on doors to “trick or treat”. What they mean is that those in the house have to treat them to some goodies, or else they will play tricks on them. As for costumes, the grim little monsters show no restraint to create the most macabre and morbid effect. Some of them look like they have come straight out of a horror film set.

The houses of the friendly neighbourhood have suddenly turned into the set of the same horror movie. They are decorated with ghosts and skulls, witches and slimy cobweb. Hands reach up from the lawn beneath a RIP headstone, and to top it witchy laughter is heard when you ring the doorbell. Halloween has turned into a horror bonanza to which there seems to be no limit.

Commercial Interests

Halloween Witch
Halloween Witch

The tradition of Halloween is now being celebrated around the world, and it is of course an opportunity to dress up, party and have fun with friends. Still many critics claim that the form the celebrations now have taken comes close to meddling with occultism and dark forces. There will always be spin-offs and side- effects of such an event. And it certainly is a fact that commercial interests will be rubbing their hands each October…

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