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A Nation of Immigrants

The USA has always been regarded as the land of promise - as a beacon for the persecuted, oppressed and poor. Americans thus proudly present themselves as a nation of immigrants. Below you will find resources about American Immigration from 1825 to present as well as explanations of concepts such as melting pot and multiculturalism.

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Coming to America

In the 1790 census, the American population counted close to 4 million. The census of 2000 counted almost 300 million. How many Americans will there be in the future?
Immigration and Population

Norwegian emigration to North America began on July 4, 1825, with the sailing of the sloop Restauration from Stavanger bound for New York City.
Norwegian Immigration

From 1892-1954, Ellis Island was the port of entry for millions of European immigrants.
Ellis Island

The majority of immigrants to the USA today come from Latin America.
Latin American Immigration

Each year millions of new immigrants arrive, legally and illegally. What brings all these people to the USA?
Immigrants and Refugees

Immigrant Stories
Immigrant Stories: Belle Gunness

Why is the USA referred to as the "melting pot" and more recently the "salad bowl"? What is the immigrant experience?
Melting Pot and Salad Bowl

Easy Texts

In 1790, the American population was about 4 million. In the year 2010, the population was over 300 million. How many Americans will there be in the future, do you think?
Immigration and Population (Easy)

Why was the United States often described as a "melting pot"?
The Melting Pot (Easy)


Immigration to the United States was influenced by both push and pull factors. The push factors were what drove the immigrants from their country such as religious persecution, political oppression and poverty. The pull factors were those which attracted immigrants to America such as civil rights, freedom of expression, religion and speech and economic opportunity. America was seen as the promised land by the oppressed and exploited masses.
Waves of Immigration