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Sydney - an Enchanting Metropolis

How would you like to be able to visit just one city, but experience the taste of many different cultures?

Sydney - Enchanting. . .

Sydney - Enchanting. . .
Sydney - New Year_s Eve

Sydney is a metropolis of many different cultures. A great number of nationalities is represented in the different areas of Sydney, and they all make their mark on the city. All kinds of languages can be heard and there are different smells around every corner. Here you can find Little Italy, a Greek town, a Jewish area, Chinatown, Vietnamese, Lebanese – you name it, Sydney’s got it!


Let’s take a tour of Sydney to find the most famous tourist attractions. First, there is the Opera House, Sydney’s world-famous landmark, a beautiful building in the shape of many sails, blowing in the wind. The building is used for all kinds of cultural activities. The Danish architect Jörn Utzon designed the Opera House. The building plans had to be changed several times, as the budget was soon exceeded and Mr. Utzon resigned and returned to Denmark, never to set foot in Sydney again. His masterpiece was finished in 1973, and at that time the Australians hated it!

Sydney Skyline

Next to the opera we find the Circular Quay where there are numerous places where one can have a snack, a drink or a lunch. From here, ferries take people across the bay to the various residential areas of Sydney. There are lots of wonderful beaches in and around Sydney – Bondi, Manly, Avalon, Long Reef or the Obelisk Bay. People go there to sunbathe, swim, relax or take part in Australia’s favourite sport – surfing. Darling Harbour consists of a large, modern shopping centre, the National Maritime Museum, an exhibition centre and one of the best aquariums in the world. Here, the open ocean and the Great Barrier Reef are displayed in massive tanks, which can be seen from underwater walkways.

Last, but not least, take a ferry to Taratonga Zoo for a closer look at Australia’s wildlife. What about dinner? Just name a country – and there is definitely a corresponding restaurant.


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Plan two days of sightseeing around Sydney. Remember to include: restaurants, leisure activities, attractions, entertainment.

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