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How to Take Part in an Argument about Dating

Make sure you understand these words and expressions before you continue:

  • Make an argument - put forth a line of facts and ideas that support a conclusion
  • Make a point - explain something in a clear manner
  • Argue over something - like having a quarrel
Was It a Date Or Not?

Watch this video and discuss the following:

  1. What are they actually discussing? Retell the story in a few sentences.
  2. Who makes the best argument?
  3. Is this a gender issue - like something boys would never understand?
  4. Do girls often stick together when they argue with boys?
  5. Should he say yes to the movie invitations?
  6. Do you agree that going to the cinema with her is sending the wrong signals?
  7. Are girls better at arguing than boys?
  8. Do girls and boys argue differently?

Role Play

Sit in pairs. One of you is the boy and the other is one of the girls from the lunch bar. The scenario is the same as seen in the movie clip. Try to convince each other that you are right.

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Oral Communication - How to:

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