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How to Organize Project Work - Intro

Part of the English curriculum is to present an in-depth project either related to the aims/objectives of the course or another subject within your program area. Here are a few helpful tips to get you started.


  1. Think of topics which interest you or that you would like to learn more about
  2. Talk with friends and teachers alike for suggestions if necessary
  3. Choose a general/broad topic, example: Vietnam War
  4. Narrow down your topic. Be sure your topic is not too broad nor too narrow. Example: media coverage of the Vietnam War
  5. Develop a thesis statement. A single statement which will state what you will be specifically discussing in your topic. Example: Media coverage of the Vietnam War changed Americans attitude to the war.

Seek approvalfrom your teacher before beginning research.


  1. Be sure to include your sources learn how to cite sources correctlyand use different sources when researching
    • internet
    • publications
    • magazines, books, newspapers
    • interviews, documetaries, films
  2. Be critical in which sources you use and choose reliable websites. Often government and educational websites are reliable, they end with ___.org and ___.edu
  3. When in doubt find two to three websites that state the same information to confirm that information is reliable
  4. Internet websites – copy the entire URL address and include the date you retrieved this information
  5. There are various ways to cite sources depending on the genre; novel, newspaper article, journal, film, etc. The MLA format is widely used, examples may be found on the Internet. MLA Formatting and Style Guide (owl.english.purdue.edu)


Be sure to follow the specific guidelines your teacher has laid out for you

  1. Time/Length of presentation?
  2. Use of PowerPoint, pictures, audio, video, etc.

There may be several varieties of presentations, ask your teacher for preference

  1. When doing an oral presentation check requirements
    • oral presentation with a written version to be handed in
    • oral presentation with PowerPoint hand in or a fact sheet
    • oral presentation only
    • Refer to the Oral Presentation Checklist
  2. When handing in a written presentation refer to:

Self Evaluation

Your self-evaluation process should be from start to finis.A log entry/journal will help you remember what you have done and should be handed in to your teacher periodically (see Working with Projects - Log Entries )

A final self evaluation should be completed and handed in soon after your presentation (see Self Assessment - Projects )

Learning content

Written Communication - How to:

What is core content and additional content?



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