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Cottage Pie with a Twist

Today, curry is considered to be Britain’s national dish! Which cultures do you think have influenced British food and traditions over the last 50 years?

Watch the video and then do the tasks which follow.


Answer the multiple choice questions below.

Find Out

In the video, Levi Roots is making dinner for his friends on St. George’s Day – the most English of all days.

  1. Who was St George?
  2. Why do they celebrate St George’s Day in England?
  3. What does the white flag with a red cross on it have to do with:
    • England?
    • St George?
  4. Why does Levi say that his friends are “expecting a feast fit for dragon slayers”?

Useful link: St George on Wikipedia


  1. Has some traditional Norwegian food been given a new "twist" from other cultures? Can you find some examples?
  2. Choose a traditional Norwegian dish, for example, "kjøttkakaker", and discuss how you would give it a new "twist".


After the discussion above, write out the recipe for the traditional Norwegian dish with the new "twist" you have added to it.


Write out the recipe for Levi's Cottage Pie in Norwegian.